Well today has been busy getting all the details for this page sorted,as well as fine tuning the Facebook and Twitter entries and for that I have my Husband Graham to thank as he has been the one who has worked so hard to get it all sorted for me. I think (no I know Ha Ha) I would have lost patience long ago. I have uploaded some more pictures and I will be adding to them as I create, so watch this space!   Mouse the cat is no more interested than he was yesterday, however his partner in crime Lucy heard the rustle of a bag as I was packing some cards ready for a Christmas fair and hung around watching for a while ,but her interest remained only for as long as it took her to work out there was no food involved (I am thinking that they may be included on some future cards if they behave long enough for me to photograph them.) Finally for today, thanks to everyone who sent their Good luck Wishes until next time Bye for Now X

Getting sorted!


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