Craft Fair Make

Well its been a busy but very enjoyable day as have been out at a “Creative crafts Show” all day with my 11 year old daughter, who also likes to do a bit of crafting. It has given us an opportunity to try our hand at some things that we’d not attempted before, which is always good. I am posting up a picture of the mirror that I decorated as I’m very pleased with it, however the only problem was that it was the first thing that I did so ended up having to carefully carry it around all day so as not to spoil it but as you can see it survived and I am eager to try my hand at some more soon. It took an iron will not to buy everything that was tempting me but I did quite well and managed to contain myself and just get stuff that I needed (well maybe there were one or two bits that I didn’t) Ha Ha! I’m hoping to use some of it over the coming week to make up some more cards and maybe a couple of notebooks (time permitting) so keep popping back for the latest updates.  Bye for now Debbie x



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