Monday Makes

Well I have managed to get couple of crafty bits done today. I finished a card that I am entering into the Quick Cards Challenge (for a card made using washi tape) It was the first time that I have used it myself  and whilst I can see the appeal of it I’m not too sure where it fits in for me but I’ll give it a  another go some other  time before discounting it. I also made my Husband a birthday card that I’ll not put  up for viewing or it may just spoil the surprise when his birthday comes around.  I’m going to attempt to beautify some more notebooks this evening/tomorrow  so hopefully will have them to show you tomorrow evening, although 2 have already been claimed in advance by my youngest children who have been coveting the one I made for myself since it was finished (Don’t think they are getting the fact that Mum may need to sell the occasional thing to finance this hobby of hers Ha Ha) .  So bye for now must make a start or there will be nothing new to show.

Debbie x


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