Friday Already!

Well I can’t believe that another week has gone by but then its always the same when you are busy never enough hours in the day. I’ve just about recovered from my hill walking on Wednesday thank goodness, which is just as well as I now have another Christmas Fair to prepare for.  That will be 2 within 7 days of each other so lots more creating to be done! Yesterday I managed to get a couple more notebooks covered and tried my hand at some new baby cards  as I will need a wider variety to sell on the craft stalls. I’m also planning on getting some more male orientated cards made as well as some anniversary, wedding, thank you’s and congratulations time and energy permitting that is, as my first stall is a week on Sunday. I am posting up my latest makes for your perusal and as usual all comments welcome. Well that’s me for tonight until next time, Bye for now.

Debbie  x


One thought on “Friday Already!

  1. dizzyhug says:

    Thanks everyone its good to get feedback ! x

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