Some for the Boys!

Well got myself organised last night and made some cards that are male orientated as I realised that the majority of my cards were girly so therefore I thought that maybe it was time to address that. I do however think that it is much harder to make cards for men but I’ll do my best to provide a varied selection. I am looking forward to being able to expand my selection after Christmas as my Husband is buying me an electric cutter as Christmas  gift which means that I will be able to cut out shapes and patterns that I have selected from and/or designed on my computer. (At the moment it is hidden away from me until the big day Boo Hoo!) Although I have a feeling that he may live to regret it when I spend even more time covering the house with bits of cut up paper, card, ribbon etc (he is very patient about my ever growing piles of materials). Finally I came home today to find that my very first business cards had been delivered, so much excitement on my part, am feeling like a proper business person now Ha Ha!

Well as ever must get on and make some more, bye for now.

Debbie x


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