Sunday’s Ramblings!

Well folks I’ll start by apologizing for the lack of photos tonight, its not that I’ve nothing to show its more that I’ve not had time to take pics of them, but I’ll put that right tomorrow I promise. I made a card for my Nephews Birthday today which I forgot to take a pic of before I sealed it up in its envelope (whoops!) and I have also made one for a magazine competition which I will put up for show tomorrow, however the majority of my creativity has been channelled into making my Husband a cake for his birthday tomorrow (I’ll put up a pic of that as well although I’m probably better at the cards Ha Ha!) I’ve got a couple more cards to make to enter into magazine competitions, I can but try eh! Its all good fun and it sometimes encourages me to try stuff that I’ve perhaps not thought of  before.  I have been lucky enough to see a couple of my creations in print so its worth giving it a go. Well I’d better be off as need to rediscover my dining table (so as to have somewhere to present the afore mentioned birthday cake tomorrow) as it has at the moment disappeared under a pile of card making stuff. Until next time.

Debbie x


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