Monday’s Mentions!

Well here as promised yesterday is the picture of the cake that I poured my creativity into yesterday! I am also putting up a picture of the card that I made for a magazine competition which was to make a card to celebrate your favourite era. It was quite hard to get a photo of it as the flash kept bouncing off the glitter card. Today I have covered a bigger hard backed note-book to give away as a raffle prize for the Christmas fair that I am having a stall at on Sunday, I intend to take a pic of that sometime tomorrow so look out for that tomorrow night. I am going to have a go at doing some stencilling as soon as time permits as I have a lot of coloured inks that I don’t seem to be using so thought that I ought to see what I can do with them, plus spurred on by my Craft fair mirror make think that this may be what I put my mind to next, (so many ideas so little time!!!!!!).

Well as usual time is short so must get on , bye for now back soon.

Debbie  X


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