Wednesday’s All New Offerings!!!!!!!!!

The last 2 days have just flown past but as you can see from the pictures I have not been idle, quite the opposite as I have also made a couple of other cards for magazine competitions. I have to admit that I much prefer making birthday cards probably because there is such a wide variety of subject matter that can be incorporated into those. I did take a really good photograph (if I do say so myself Ha Ha!) of some beautiful yellow roses that my Husband brought me last week and I am intending to incorporate that into one of my projects sometime in the future. Today I was planning to make the most of having the house to myself and catch up on my uni reading but that didn’t quite happen as I am easily distracted by my crafty things and although I was only intending to indulge myself for an hour it sort of stretched into most of the day, Oooops! Oh well tomorrow is another day and with that in mind I notice that tomorrow has indeed crept up on me and so I must go.
Until next time.

Debbie x


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