Saturday Already!

Well looks like I’ve missed getting to regale you with my latest news on Friday, as its already passed. I had intended to but because I got so engrossed in what I was doing the time just slipped past without me really noticing. Yesterday I made my son a Birthday card for his forthcoming special day (I think that you may be able to guess what one of his favourite things is!) This evening (or rather yesterday) has spent been putting together and decorating the last of the boxes that I have prepared for the Christmas Fair on Sunday “20 Mini Handbag Shaped boxes all decorated differently and filled with shredded tissue (with huge thanks to my small people for their help with that.)I had intended to do some more notebooks but they are quite time consuming so sadly it just hasn’t happened. I am however really pleased with what i do have to display on my stall and I’m hoping that it will all be met with a favourable response as they say watch this space, for news on that! I hope you like what I have to show you today and I will be back with more as soon as time permits. Until then “Bye for now”

Debbie x

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