Sunday’s Success!

I have to say that Sunday was a very successful day! I did my stall at the Christmas fair and I am very pleased to report that it went quite well I sold a few cards and took orders for a couple more, plus the boxes that I made and filled went down well as I sold more than a dozen of those too. My children were absolute stars helping me to both set up and pack away. craft fair2DSCI6445We unearthed some pink fluffy fairy lights to decorate the table, I had brought and stashed them away ages ago and only rediscovered them whilst looking for something else but they lent a finishing touch to our display (along with a tinsel snowflake chain that had to be retrieved from our cat who for some odd reason has a love of all things silver and sparkly.) I am looking forward to repeating this success when I do another stall at my Children’s School Christmas Fair on Friday so fingers crossed that it goes as well. I am posting up a pic of our effort to practice our table set up at home (minus the lights and tinsel, as they were safely stashed out of reach of the afore mentioned moggy). I am also putting up a pic of a card that I did for a magazine that wanted celebrity themed cards. I chose Pink as I am a huge fan of hers.
Well I must go as it is now the wee small hours and I have much to do this week. Until next time Bye!

Debbie x


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