Friday Again!

I had intended to post this whilst we were still pre Friday but as usual me and time seem to have different ideas and Friday crept up whilst i wasn’t paying attention! Later today I will be displaying my creations on my second Christmas Fair stall within a week so hopefully they will be popular. I have made some more of the little gift bags (got on a bit of a roll with them yesterday) and I now have another 15 for my stall and as always they are all unique in their decoration. I’ve had fun doing them and they look quite cute filled with candy canes and chocolate snowballs. I have also made some special cards for my family but I’ll not be putting up pictures of them just yet or it will spoil the surprise. I have made a New Year card that I intend to enter into a magazine competition, hopefully I’ll get a chance to photograph and post up a pic of that before the end of the week. Today I took delivery of an embossing machine so I am looking forward to being able to have a play with that. It has however already proven to be popular with my children whom were taking great pleasure in posting through whatever paper and card they could lay their hands on taking it in turns to operate the handle whilst being very enthusiastic about their creations, so it may be a fight to get a look in Ha Ha! Well onLB2AB



LB2CB that note I shall have to bid you goodnight (or good morning) as I’ll need some sleep before my latest retail venture. Until next time.

Debbie x


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