“Big News”…………….

BIG News!!!!!!!!!!! Nope not that its nearly Christmas we all know that! Wait for it …………………. Bespoke Greetings is to open its very own online shop with “Etsy” this will happen at 9am on Wednesday 19th December 2012! you will be able to access it directly from this site, Facebook, Twitter or of course Etsy itself so there is absolutely no excuse for not taking a peak and as usual all feedback welcome! As you can imagine getting everything organised for this is keeping us busy especially my husband (who as I type at this unsociable hour) is listing stock for me. (I am very grateful for this as If I had to spend time doing that there would be a whole lot less stock to list). The last couple of days I have been trying to do a bit of crafy stuff with the kids as they were interested in making some felt hanging decorations for the Christmas tree (they are big fans of Kirsty and her homemade antics so it was going to happen eventually) We have had great fun and so far have produced 6 between us with varying degrees of decoration by way of embroidery, buttons, bows and ribbon. They have also been making their own Christmas cards for teachers and school friends so seems a bit of my influence is rubbing off on them too.
well as it is now ridiculously late I must go. Please check out the shop when it opens. until next time I’ll bid you goodbye.

Debbie x


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