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Newest creation "Experimentation with felt"

Newest creation “Experimentation with felt”


Here I am back again after a whirlwind couple of days, still juggling things with the Etsy shobut gettting there gradually. As you can see I have still managed to fit in making a few more cards. I am particularly pleased with the 2 bubble fronted ones as they are something completely new for me. The “Love” one contains silver glitter and clear sequins with the addition of a single red heart gem and was my very first bubble card. The other one I made his evening and the bubble front showcases the hand cut hand stitched felt hearts. The top heart also being stuffed and incorporating a tiny hanging loop. They were quite fiddly and time consuming to make but I am very pleased with the end result. Also as is shown by the others I am getting some use out of my new embosser toy! I have ventured out to a couple of craft shops/suppliers over the last day or two although I am trying not to go too mad buying stuff, it is very tempting and being the avid bargain hunter that I am there were a couple of bits that were just too good to miss. There looks like there is also a very good chance that i will feature in another card making magazine sometime early in the New Year but more about that once I know a bit more myself, so keep checking back for news of that one. Please have a browse in the shop and tell your friends to pay me a visit too, a little publicity is no bad thing for us struggling crafters trying to make a breakthrough into the big wide world of retail Ha Ha! Until next time.

Debbie x


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