Post Chistmas Posting!

Well a big hello to everyone and hope you all had a great Christmas day and got everything that you wanted,(Still got New Year Celebrations to come.) I had a reasonably quiet time (well about as quiet as it gets with a 10 & 11 yr old in the house.) I got lots of lovely pressies and ate lots of lovely food so all good I say. Sadly however my biggest gift “A Cricut Mini cutting machine from my Husband” is already sitting idle as it needs a new blade as despite only cutting with it for just one day the blade is blunt and therefore until a new one arrives it is rendered useless which to say the least is pretty poor given that they are not cheap. It may just be a fluke happening but it seems that given some of the stories that I have come across on the internet tell a similar tale it may be that the blade that is originally supplied with these machines seems to have a very short lifespan for some reason. I will however be fair and say that I have e-mailed both the manufacturer as well as the supplier in an effort to give them a chance to remedy this, otherwise this is a brilliant little machine that will be a huge help in my future card making. Taking of card making I have not been idle I have no less than 5 new cards to show its just that I have not had time to photograph them, but that will be addressed tomorrow, (top of the to do list lol) More news………………. I have sold my very first card from my Etsy shop so am feeling more than a little bit pleased by that as I appear to have picked probably the slackest time of year to have opened but hey ho there’ll be Valentines Day and Mothers Day coming up so the wee post-Christmas lull will give me time to make stock in time for those occasions. Watch this space!!!!! (I did also do a couple of commissions before Christmas as well as the Christmas fairs so I’m not grumbling.) Well its seems that we are already into the small hours once more so I shall bid you all Goodbye until the next time.

Debbie x


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