What Day?

Well here’s me back again I’ve all but lost track of the days what with the festivities. I did take the photos of the new cards yesterday as I promised that I would but didn’t upload them because in a word they were terrible (not the cards just the photos lol) I seemed to be unable to take a decent shot of anything so I gave it another go this morning when there was some natural light (albeit not much) and they are a little better so I am offering up these for your perusal. I don’t know if I should have asked Santa for a new camera or whether I just need to get my act together on the photographic front! I am yet to hear back from either the manufacturer or the seller regarding the blade on my cutting machine, I have a feeling That it may not happen until after the new year now. On the plus side the blades that I ordered online from a company in Lincolnshire arrived today so that was a very efficient service that I will make sure to bookmark for future use. I also ordered from elsewhere online some felt pieces in assorted colours with a view to doing something decorative with them, spurred on by the successful felt tree decorations that I made pre Christmas with my small people from the scraps that we already had. Felt decorations are not just for Christmas (not in this house anyway Ha Ha!) At the moment I am mostly making Valentine cards as that will be the next big calendar event for cards although I have no doubt that we will have hardly have heard the bells chime for new year before the creme eggs hit the shelves (yum yum) in readiness for Easter. Well I will go now as I have many things that need doing as usual. Until next time…..
Debbie xMiscwl10Miscty06Miscty07Miscty08Sry02


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