2nd Day 2013

Well I had intended to write this whilst we were still in the 1st day of the New Year but as usual the time slipped away whilst I wasn’t paying attention and here we are on the 2nd day already, so before anything else I had better wish everyone a very “Happy New Year”! I have been doing crafty things with the felt that I had delivered the other day, namely making a small stuffed owl which has turned out quite well if I do say so myself (although I will confess that I had intended to put a hanging loop at the top but I managed to merrily carry on stitching and forget all about that minor detail, Whoops!) I will take a pic tomorrow to show it off. I have made another Valentine card but as usual time or rather lack of time means that will also have to wait until the next post to make its appearance. I had an e-mail back today from Cricut EU concerning my query regarding the blade in my new cutting machine, in short they gave me an e-mail address/telephone number for their customer service dept so I have forwarded my previous e-mail to them so we shall hear how that is received shortly no doubt. I have however yet to hear back from the retailer regarding this matter so I can only assume that they have longer holidays for the Christmas/New Year Festivities. Well I have now ventured out a couple of times to the sales and am resisting the bargains to the best of my ability as I usually have a tendency to shop for next years presents for every occasion then have to spend the rest of the year trying to find somewhere suitable to store them. I have also been out for a somewhat brisk coastal walk (I have a husband that tries to convince me and the small people that we will enjoy this kind of thing in December) I will grudgingly admit that it wasn’t anywhere as near as bad as I thought that it would be and some parts were actually quite enjoyable my picnic style lunch being one of them, although I was wearing 3 jackets at the time (you think I joke its true I had on a thin padded jacket topped by a waterproof jacket, which when we stopped to eat I covered with my husbands spare jacket lol) If the fashion police had been out that day I shudder to think Ha Ha! But overall it does have its advantages I suppose, even if it is just to reinforce the fact that the coast is not just for summer and no matter how much whingeing me and the kids do it probably does do us good (although I can pretty much eat my body weight in picnic food which probably rules out the effect of the extra exercise.) Well as it is now ridiculously late to be doing this kind of thing I shall say “goodnight” until next time “Bye”

Debbie x


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