Windswept Weekend…


Latest For Valentines Day!

Latest For Valentines Day!

Well I can’t believe that the weekend has already been and gone and we are almost one week into the New (or nearly new now) Year! Yesterday we (Me,Husband and the 2 small people) took ourselves off to the coast for a walk on the beach /in the dunes. Well I will be the first to admit at this time of the year this is not something that is high up on my list of pleasant ways to spend the weekend so it was with a somewhat sulky face that I emerged from the cosy car only to be met with what felt like a force 9 gale (probably slight exaggeration here) it took all of my stamina not to retreat back into the car and head for home and gas central heating lol. But no that would have been a bad example to the small people whom we constantly remind of the benefits of the great outdoors, so I plodded on only to (about 30 seconds later) slip up on the very soggy grass covering the dunes, this then meant that not only was I enduring the sand blasting from the combination of the beach and the gale force wind I was also doing so whilst clad in some very damp trousers, suffice to say that things could only get better. Well get better they did as after a while you sort of get used to the rigours of the great outdoors and begin to enjoy it (a bit) and we did find a nice sheltered spot for our picnic lunch ( this family goes nowhere without a picnic lunch I can tell you) and I did get one or two (hopefully) good photos that I will put up for viewing when I get chance to put them on the computer.
News update on the ongoing problem with the Cricut mini blade. I am still yet to hear back from the manufacturers customer service dept and the retailer e-mailed me to say that I need to get my Husband to give them written permission so that they may discuss the matter with me (I do feel that sometimes these somewhat idiotic rules are made up just to put us off complaining about shoddy goods in which case they have obviously never crossed paths with one of this family lol.) In fact my Husband is now in the process of further complaining about this machine as it now appears to have decided that it will only cut through 3/4 of the page leaving anything ear marked to be cut in the bottom right hand corner merely scored rather than cut, so watch this space for more on that as after a very un satisfactory conversation on Friday to the Cricut customer service dept he has now left a message with someone senior whom he intends to chase up tomorrow……
On the craft front I have as you will be able to see been busy with the valentine cards(I will put up a pic of the stuffed owl that I made but at the moment I am using the family computer and the owl pic is on my laptop so not tonight I’m afraid.)
Well on that note I will wish you all Goodnight until next time…..
Debbie x


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