More publishing Excitement!!!!!!

As you have probably guessed by the title of this post I am a wee bit excited about publishing again. This time it seems that the letter I wrote about my starting the “Etsy Shop” is to feature in a future issue of Craftseller magazine I received, an e mail to tell me so yesterday (fab start to the year), also later in the day my husband called me in to say that he too had received an e mail to say that I was also to feature in another magazine “Wait for it”………………………… as ‘Face of Fatigue’ LOL! It seems that he had entered a picture (might I say a particularly unflattering one ) of me at the top of a hill that we climbed together a short time ago (he drags me out to do this kind of thing quite frequently so there are plenty of bad pics to choose from lol) for a feature that they run in an outdoors magazine that he reads that involves sending in a pics of people after/during a particularly grueling outdoor activity looking exhausted and mine had won the top prize of a T shirt, oh well lets not look a gift horse in the mouth a prize is a prize, but what a way to win Ha Ha!
I have for you finally the pic of my stuffed owl as promised as well as one of my latest venture of dabbling in the “Steampunk” that I am just loving at the moment, I have so many ideas I don’t know where to start first, this is going to be a very busy year on the crafting front I feel.
In regard to my previous mentions of the ongoing Problems with my Christmas pressie Cricut mini after many wrangles with the not very efficient retailer customer service team by my husband, that has consisted of several lengthy phone calls and more than a few sighs of exasperation it has been sent on its journey back to them today for a full refund and has been replaced by my husband with a manual machine that will hopefully prove to be a lot less bother. I am not ruling out the purchase of another electric die cutter in future just that it will not be a Cricut Mini.
I am going to finish this now as I must make a special card for my very dear friend as it is her birthday next week.
Until next time bye for now.
Debbie x

What's not to love?

What’s not to love?

Steampunk Style!

Steampunk Style!


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