End of another Week.

Well here we are another Friday they seem to be coming round quicker than ever . It has been an extremely busy one this week I don’t think that I have been to bed before 1am one single night but hey ho things to be done etc etc. I had a bit more excitement this week as received a package in the post that I wasn’t expecting and on opening it found that I had been sent a whole load of crafting goodies from the “Lets Make Cards” team as I was having a letter/card printed in this months issue , lots of fab stuff from Stampin up which i am looking forward to using very soon.

Also this week I have been re taking my photos for my listings on Etsy in an effort to make it look more appealing/professional and whilst that has been extremely time-consuming and has given me a bit of a headache at times I think the end result is well worth all the extra effort, as it looks so much brighter. In fact tomorrow is the 1 month anniversary of the shop opening so I expect you all to check out the brand new look lol and let me know what you think.

Although as you can imagine there’s not been so much time for creating anything I have found time for one or two new card creations which I am putting up for your perusal. I  thought that I had better start thinking about Mother’s Day cards as well as Valentines being as that will also come around quicker than I would like probably. I have also entered

Check out the mini notice board, cute or what!

Check out the mini notice board, cute or what!

WLa couple of competitions online one for Pan Pastels Challenge and the other being the Forever Friends Challenge so fingers crossed.

Well must get back to doing some thing creative, until next time “Bye”.

Debbie x


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