Monday memo……

Well the weekend has now been and gone and to tell the truth I can’t say that I really noticed busy busy busy…… If the rest of the year goes this quickly I’ll be making Christmas  cards again before I know it lol. Well I have to admit although making Valentine cards was a bit of a relief after all the Christmas sparkle I am now getting a little bit over “hearts”, so the last couple of days I have done some Mother’s Day ones to ring the changes I also had a card to do for a 1st birthday so that was altogether different  as I don’t do many for children my cards are usually targeted  towards adults. I am putting them up for you to view and as usual they will be in the Etsy shop along with the others. I am due to move early in March so will be parted from my craft materials for a couple of weeks no doubt whilst I get unpacked and organized and whilst I am looking forward to moving I’m not looking forward to the disruption one bit. I will be one very grumpy bunny without my crafting to de stress me. Well I really must get on as I need to pack as much in as I can whilst I still havebaccess to all my things. So bye for now and as usual all feedback on cards welcome.

Debbie x

A Mummy Mothers Day card with Keepsake charm.

A Mummy Mothers Day card with Keepsake charm.

A luxury Keepsake card

A luxury Keepsake card


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