Almost Valentine’s Day……..

Well that was a quick week and what have I been doing?  well apart from all the usual stuff and the odd bit of sorting out and packing I have actually made several cards, Valentine and Mothers day cards.  I am trying to list at least one new item a day in the Etsy shop just to keep it interesting but its the trying to keep everything else up to date as well that is making my head spin, now if only I could train up my children as mini PA’s I’d be on a winner Ha Ha. I got a huge lot of lovely materials delivered this week so have lots to work with (who would have believed that anyone could get so excited over paper and cardboard lol. ) Well here are the results of my latest efforts, please feel free to pass comment so I know what i’m doing right or indeed wrong,babygirlbutterflyheartflower until next time.

Debbie x

PS: also made a couple of “New Baby” cards too


babyboybluebannersandbuttons lilacbutterflies redwhiteblackflowers mothersdaylove Orangeflipflower4 rosesformum specialdaymum checkouttheheartsPPS: and a couple of others, I have been busy


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