Love is in the air?

Well Valentines Day is almost upon us although I have to say I am a little disappointed by the lack of Valentine card sales but hey ho, Mothers Day next. I think that I might need to look into finding somewhere to sell on a face to face basis once I move, (I’d prefer that as I like a bit of a chat anyway.)

On the plus side I have managed to feature in a magazine in one way shape or form lol no less than 5 times in the last month so I must be doing something right somewhere. In fact I had an e-mail yesterday to say that I am to be in the May edition of “Creativity” magazine concerning my dabble with Steampunk.  It is all very exciting and of course sometimes there are prizes involved which is better still. I have just received a wonderful set of paper, card, ribbon,stamps and ink from “Let’s Make Cards” magazine and I’ve also had some lovely prizes from “Quick Cards”  and I am due to receive £30 to spend online from “Craftseller Magazine” and I won another bundle of goodies last week from the “Card making and Papercraft” facebook page so I can’t really grumble.

My 11-year-old daughter is quite fond of knitting on occasion (it took me about 2 years to teach her) and she was lucky enough to receive a bundle of knitting goodies from a very kind lady who lives nearby. It was within this bundle that there was a pattern for making small toys and play food so guess who has been roped in to try her hand at making some of these? Yep got it in one,  so far I have managed to create a small bunny (in neon pink!) A little robot like creature (with a scarf and bobble hat) and a slice of jam swiss roll (yep I really did say a slice of jam swiss roll) I was absolutely amazed at the sheer variety of stuff that can be knitted these days.  I remember bidding on a knitted box chocolates on e bay a wee while ago and believe me having knitted a couple of things the last few days I have a new-found respect for the amount of work that must have gone into that particular item. That said it is quite therapeutic  in a way I am spurred on by my creations to continue so we will see where that takes us. I have to say that I am quite fascinated by the idea of knitting cakes.

I have to admit that it has been quite a crafty week in various forms as I also managed to purchase a sewing machine that does all kinds of fancy things, most of which I have never heard of I have to say lol. To tell the truth it has been more years than I care to disclose since I last had any kind of encounter with one, although I do remember at school being forced to make a somewhat hideous pinafore dress (mine turn out so huge that it could have served as a tent for the majority of the class). At the moment it sits in its box pristine and gloating from the hall, as my excuse is that I am moving the beginning of next month so there is no point in getting it all set up now.  My daughter said that being as I have taught her to knit I could now teach her the art of using a sewing machine, however I feel that I may just need someone to teach me first Ha Ha , watch this space for updates on that one.

A s you can see I have made a few cards this week so it’s definately not been forgotten in favour of the

Just love this Owl

Just love this Owl

Card and Gift in one

Card and Gift in one

First creation after oriental material delivery

First creation after oriental material delivery


new-found knitting craze.

Well really must go as found a fab shape template for a card online yesterday that I really want to try, and as they say (whomever they maybe) there is no time like the present. Until next time I shall bid you goodbye.

Debbie x



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