Almost moved……

It is almost a week since i last regaled you with tales of my life Ha Ha! It’s definately been a busy one as I’ve had the small people off school (something to do with half term I believe) so not much time to go around but as usual i am up until the wee small hours tinkering about with something or another. Added to that I do have a touch of that horrible flu bug thing that always seems to do the rounds at this time of the year, not that I am sympathy seeking or anything (but all aaaaaahs and good wishes very welcome lol.)  My house move is becoming much more imminent now although I still don’t really have a grip on getting organised for it, I think the word I am looking for here is EeeeeeeK! I think that half of me is still sort of hoping that a moving fairy will materialise from somewhere and lift the burden from upon me (oooooo very dramatic eh!) lets just say if I don’t buck up my ideas soon I will be screeching with panic next week (I wonder if it is possible to do that via text, perhaps we shall see……)

Right on the craft front what have I been up to? Well I knitted another Bunny this time for my niece Milly and I have made a couple more cards, one of which was for

friends card

friends card

doublepocket3 redbookmarkcardcollage milliesbun DSCI7596 glitzymummy friend’s birthday. I have knitted an iced ring do-nut lol and am part the way through knitting an iced finger, although even typing that seems somewhat ludicrous Ha Ha!  I am absolutely loathe to start packing away any of my craft stuff and fully intend not to be parted from it until the very last-minute as I am convinced that crafting is the only thing that keeps me even partially sane, although I am sure that there are those that would question my level of sanity with or without crafting …….

I also received a surprise gift from Cardmaking Essentials magazine for having one (is actually 2) of my cards printed in the latest issue of their magazine so that’s always exciting.

Well I will now endeavour to attach some of the pictures of my latest handiwork to this before drift off in search of more cold and flu pills (poor me…) Until next time.

Debbie x


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