Moving Disasters……………………………………………..

Well there was I hoping to be bouncing back with loads of new Easter stuff to display, full of the joys of spring etc………. but sadly not! The last 3 1/2 weeks have been nothing but a catalogue of disasters which will hopefully end soon, preferably before I loose my sanity like, the multitude of belongings that I am still to locate following my house move, which was made by probably the most INCOMPETENT removal firm on the planet. The last time we moved house we had several breakages that when we tried to claim insurance for  but were told that because we had packed ourselves we were not covered . This time we decided that once bitten and all that…. we would let the movers do the packing , after all they are the professionals (Oh how far from the truth would that turn out to be….)  I could probably write a book on the events that were to follow their entrance into our lives but apart from the fact that I would first need to find the materials to do so (impossible at the moment given the situation) I am now just about at the tearing my hair out stage and am wishing that sometime soon the moving fairy will appear and sort this whole damn mess out, as we are all sick to death of trying to make sense of their inability to label boxes with contents or indeed labelling them with contents that may be contained in a box somewhere but not that particular one, suffice to say that it is making unpacking them somewhat of a mystery tour to say the least.

As this was to be a long distance move we were to be without our belongings for some 6 days so as you can imagine we were very much looking forward to being reunited with them so it is more than a little bit irritating not to say upsetting to find that our years of collected possessions have been treated with nothing more than contempt! to cut a very long story short I will give you a brief list of the problems that have befallen us through no fault of our own: The movers took it upon themselves not to use any wardrobe boxes at all (despite bringing 18 with them) as I had specifically requested that they bring plenty as we are not a family that travel lightly as far as clothes are concerned. We now  have clothes that have been stuffed (and I do not use that word lightly as that is exactly what they did) into boxes along with anything else that was near to hand , (one box that I opened contained part used toiletries, a section of clothes from drawers (we were issued with instructions to leave clothes in drawers as they would just be removed as they were……NOT) along with a selection of trinkets and small ornamental items found in my bedroom. Sadly this was not an isolated incident and we have plenty more like this.  The cushions and soft toys from my daughters bedroom were found packed into an unmarked box along with a half full sports bottle of drink my three drawers of socks tights and underwear were tipped into the bottom of a large moving box then were topped with various pictures, books, shoes we are still trying to locate the leads for the family computer and my sons other snow boot (one we have found the other is goodness knows where the other is) the same was true of his gloves they were in separate boxes for some reason best known only to the person who packed them. In one box marked kitchen I found a mixture of food, plastic jugs and bowls 3 wine glasses and 2 cat flea collars and a can of pet flea spray……… The day before we were due to be reunited with our belongings it had snowed and despite the delivery day being bright and dry there was still snow on the paths not that that did anything to deter the removal men from placing the wooden frames of our canvas covered wardrobe and shelf units outside on the path at the side of the house where the snow was rapidly returning to liquid form and being soaked up by the afore mention frames that are made from untreated pine. As you can tell it has been a far from pleasant experience and there are many more incidents such as these to recall but as I still have boxes to unpack I have neither the time nor the patience at the moment to do so.

Sadly the after effects of all this is that I can not even think about doing anything crafty at the moment (much as I would like to) and that is doing nothing at all to improve my mood to say the very least. I was so looking forward to being moved and sorted out in time to start making things for Easter and to start teaching myself to use my yet to be unboxed new sewing machine. I will do my very very best to get back to it all as soon as possible and if anyone out there  is thinking of moving take a word of advice from me PACK YOURSELF………..

Until next time Debbie X


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