New Additions

Hi Everyone,

I have to say I have been quite lazy about keeping this blog up to date just lately, partly due to the fact that it has taken me so long to get sorted out after our house move and partly because I am easily distracted and stop and start so many different project that I never seem to finish them in time, but as I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel we’ll get back into the swing of things shall we?

I have had a bit of a creative splurge the last couple of weeks so have several more pic to post.

I also have some news regarding my Etsy Shop (some of you may have noticed that I have now removed the banner from the home page) I have made the desicion not to re new my listings once they run out as I’m afraid that it does not appear to be the right selling platform for me as it is geared towards those in sunnier climes (mostly America as that is its origin) and I  need to concentrate on selling a little closer to home I feel. However on the bright side I have been putting an awful lot of effort into networking to promote my facebook page (from which all my cards will now be sold)  so if you would like to pop by and take a look at my latest creations you are very welcome you can find me at:  as always  feedback is always welcome or if there is something in particular that you are wanting please contact me via the facebook page or at  and I’ll happily see what i can do to accomodate (now taking orders for Father’s Day cards).

Hopefully the pics of the cards will continue to improve as my husband has just given me a new camera as a wedding anniversary gift so once I’ve had a bit of practice with it I’m sure you’ll notice the difference. Mind you if i say so myself (and I do frequently) my cards always look much better in real life than the photos Ha Ha.

Well on that note i had better get on and add some new pics for you, so I will say Bye for now!

Debbie x

Card for my friend's son

Card for my friend’s son

beach briggittes card Dad Stepper cake card family millie dear dad FDcol family melissa floral special day Fathers daycol Fishing F day green pop up F day.jpgcol friends in sepia millies card pink owl purple sketch quick cards sepia so special 4U sepia with love wonderful day Vintage car F Day green owl


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