“New Intentions for 2014”

Well what do you know we are already into 2014 and it would be very fair to say that I really neglected this blog last year but hey ho its never to late to change eh! 

This year (although I’m not a fan of  New Year resolutions) I am going to make an effort to post something at least once a week as last year I concentrated all my efforts on getting my business established on Facebook and it was worth it as so far so good and its picking up nicely now. If anyone fancies a peek please pop over to http://www.facebook.com/begreets as that is where you will find all of “Bespoke Greetings” latest creations. 

I have expanded somewhat to include the decoration of frames and notebooks and am planning on also offering decorated boxes and various other bits and pieces although card making will continue to be my main occupation/love, as that is where I can be most creative.

I love it when someone contacts me and gives me a list of their specifications and then says do what you like with them (gives me free reign to explore more possibilities and to this day, 

true to my promise i have never repeated a card, every single one has been different in some way.

I am really looking forward to coming up with some elaborate creations for Valentines Day as that is an occasion where you can really push the boat out i reckon. 

Well i must go now as small people to feed etc but I’ll leave you with a couple of pics of some of my latest creations and as usual all feedback welcome.

Bye for now ~ Debbie x ~ 


Image ImageImageImageImageImage


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