Welcome to the Week!

Good morning everyone! Well we are starting another week already, mine started 45 minutes later than planned as managed to oversleep whoops!

I have lots of things planned for this week craft wise my biggest problem is making up my mind what to start first, so I end up wasting time faffing about doing nothing much whilst I decide, which is not at all productive lol.

First things first though I need to go to the Post office to send a birthday gift and I’m glad that it is bright and sunny here in Edinburgh this morning (despite yesterdays forecast of snow) as I’m soooooooo not a winter person.  I would love to be one of those people that embraces the great outdoors whatever the weather (My husband is)  it must make it so much easier to contemplate going out some winter days. I look outside see the weather in winter then wonder if its actually a feasible option for a human to hibernate lol.

I’ve been thinking a lot about doing stuff for Valentines day and wondering if we are still on this particular occasion all drawn to the hearts and flowers option card wise?  I think we may be  as trends seem to be quite favourable towards vintage/shabby chic styles more these days so perhaps good old fashioned romance wins through in the end, I’d like to think so.

Well on that note I am going to leave you for now as have to find that 45 minutes I lost earlier lol

Bye for now ~ Debbie x ~


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