Mid-week Madness

Good morning folks and how are we all today? Well I for one will be glad to see the back of January with its gloomy weather and dark mornings/nights as I’m soooooo not a winter person, bring on the long days and sunshine I say, as I seem to get so much more done then.

Its been a bit of a trying time for me, being temporarily car less (2 weeks and counting now) has not served to help my mood, neither has the fact that I managed to wake up  about 10 days ago with what I’m told is a trapped nerve in my neck. This has resulted in half my right hand and arm being numb which somewhat slows down my creativeness NB: note that I say “slows down” and not stops (hell I have to have something to help me keep what little sanity I have left lol)  the highlight of being a bit housebound has been that I have had time to fully concentrate on my commissions most of which are for returning customers as I’m not lured out by the bright lights of the shops/sales.

In fact I have lots of new projects in the pipeline as I seem to have acquired an awful lot of interesting things to decorate, its just trying to decide what to do first that is the problem. I also want to do a scrapbook or two for myself this year which was something that I promised myself last year but never got around to. I have just taken on a very interesting Birthday commission that I am looking forward to starting and have just finished some Steampunk inspired makes and a special Silver Wedding Anniversary Card. I love that I get to do such a diverse range of subject matter and really love a fresh challenge. I was also really chuffed to find that a Steampunk inspired card that I created has found its way onto Pintrest too.

well I’m going to leave you now as typing is not good for my poorly hand/arm and I need to conserve that for my crafty makes lol.

Back soon with more to show you and don’t forget you can get all the latest over on my Facebook page over at http://www.facebook.com/begreets.

~ Debbie x ~



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