March Madness!

Well good afternoon everyone I am taking a minute (or several) to write a post whilst I’m waiting on paint drying (well it beats watching it eh)  I have had an extremely busy February and am finding that the time is just flashing past this year so far.

I have completed several projects recently, most of which have been commissions which are by far my favourite thing to do as they are so personal and therefore always that little bit extra special. I have some lovely returning customers that entrust me time and again to create something original and personal for their loved ones. I like that I can get to cover such a wide variety of themes and am always up for the latest challenge however unusual it may be.  If you despair that you will never find that suitable card for your loved one/s why not drop me a line and I will endeavour to solve your dilemma by making you that perfect card for them whatever their tastes may be.

I have been somewhat hampered the last month or so by the fact that I appear (goodness knows how) to have developed a trapped a nerve between my elbow and my wrist resulting in two numb fingers and an arm that tires very quickly  but I’ll be damned if I’ll let that stop me, it just means that everything is taking me a wee bit longer and I’m not getting quite as much done as I would like.

I am going to post some pictures of some of my latest commissions an eclectic mix of cards that cover everything from a football, Micky Mouse and a Naval ship as well as some traditional Mother’s Day & Christening celebration items.

Remember if you would like to see more pop on over to my Facebook page at where all new creation are revealed.

Well on that note I wish you a sensational Saturday and I will leave you to go back to my drying paint.

Until next time ~ Debbie x ~


Christening FrameFish BDay

Gothic inspired decoration.

Gothic inspired decoration.






vintval,MD30beercardBakugan cardGreen MdayGran Green MDAY iron man NB Red val H POOH n Tig Ann Ship card Vintage frame martin card us SMario zigzag Mdaycol FBall MDAY vintval,MD 30beercard PCAM CARD Bakugan cardceltic cardgreen 3030th Birthday commission





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