March Madness!

Well good afternoon everyone I am taking a minute (or several) to write a post whilst I’m waiting on paint drying (well it beats watching it eh)  I have had an extremely busy February and am finding that the time is just flashing past this year so far.

I have completed several projects recently, most of which have been commissions which are by far my favourite thing to do as they are so personal and therefore always that little bit extra special. I have some lovely returning customers that entrust me time and again to create something original and personal for their loved ones. I like that I can get to cover such a wide variety of themes and am always up for the latest challenge however unusual it may be.  If you despair that you will never find that suitable card for your loved one/s why not drop me a line and I will endeavour to solve your dilemma by making you that perfect card for them whatever their tastes may be.

I have been somewhat hampered the last month or so by the fact that I appear (goodness knows how) to have developed a trapped a nerve between my elbow and my wrist resulting in two numb fingers and an arm that tires very quickly  but I’ll be damned if I’ll let that stop me, it just means that everything is taking me a wee bit longer and I’m not getting quite as much done as I would like.

I am going to post some pictures of some of my latest commissions an eclectic mix of cards that cover everything from a football, Micky Mouse and a Naval ship as well as some traditional Mother’s Day & Christening celebration items.

Remember if you would like to see more pop on over to my Facebook page at where all new creation are revealed.

Well on that note I wish you a sensational Saturday and I will leave you to go back to my drying paint.

Until next time ~ Debbie x ~


Christening FrameFish BDay

Gothic inspired decoration.

Gothic inspired decoration.






vintval,MD30beercardBakugan cardGreen MdayGran Green MDAY iron man NB Red val H POOH n Tig Ann Ship card Vintage frame martin card us SMario zigzag Mdaycol FBall MDAY vintval,MD 30beercard PCAM CARD Bakugan cardceltic cardgreen 3030th Birthday commission





Mid-week Madness

Good morning folks and how are we all today? Well I for one will be glad to see the back of January with its gloomy weather and dark mornings/nights as I’m soooooo not a winter person, bring on the long days and sunshine I say, as I seem to get so much more done then.

Its been a bit of a trying time for me, being temporarily car less (2 weeks and counting now) has not served to help my mood, neither has the fact that I managed to wake up  about 10 days ago with what I’m told is a trapped nerve in my neck. This has resulted in half my right hand and arm being numb which somewhat slows down my creativeness NB: note that I say “slows down” and not stops (hell I have to have something to help me keep what little sanity I have left lol)  the highlight of being a bit housebound has been that I have had time to fully concentrate on my commissions most of which are for returning customers as I’m not lured out by the bright lights of the shops/sales.

In fact I have lots of new projects in the pipeline as I seem to have acquired an awful lot of interesting things to decorate, its just trying to decide what to do first that is the problem. I also want to do a scrapbook or two for myself this year which was something that I promised myself last year but never got around to. I have just taken on a very interesting Birthday commission that I am looking forward to starting and have just finished some Steampunk inspired makes and a special Silver Wedding Anniversary Card. I love that I get to do such a diverse range of subject matter and really love a fresh challenge. I was also really chuffed to find that a Steampunk inspired card that I created has found its way onto Pintrest too.

well I’m going to leave you now as typing is not good for my poorly hand/arm and I need to conserve that for my crafty makes lol.

Back soon with more to show you and don’t forget you can get all the latest over on my Facebook page over at

~ Debbie x ~


Moving into Monday again!

Hearts & flowers

Hearts & flowers

Good morning one and all, here we are again back at the start of another new week!

I am really hoping that this one is somewhat less eventful than the last, but then again I suppose that all depends on what the actual events are lol. Last week I just had a week of things breaking and going wrong, (car, printer, enough said there 2 of my most important pieces of machinery) so I am more than happy to see the back of that and start again this Monday with a clean slate.

However last week was saved somewhat from complete disaster by the help of friends that came to my rescue on more than one occasion and for which I am very grateful (if any of them are reading this, you know who you are and I thank you for making my life a whole lot easier than it could have been.)

On the plus side during the last week I have picked up orders/commissions for no less than 9 cards so absolutely loving that, I just find it so exciting to be given a bunch of ideas then being left to transform those ideas into something physical and so far I am told that I have exceeded peoples expectations whilst doing this (but enough of that for now,  head swelling a little there lol).

I am about to start a Valentine card with a “Steam Punk” theme so am looking forward to that as I do like a bit of Steam Punk! Well with that in mind I’d better be off and make a start on the planning for that I will leave you with a couple of pics of the latest makes and remember you can view them all over at  and if there’s anything at all I can help you with just drop me a line.

Back again soon Debbie X

not a hint of pink/red here

not a hint of pink/red here


all themes catered for

all themes catered for

Welcome to the Week!

Good morning everyone! Well we are starting another week already, mine started 45 minutes later than planned as managed to oversleep whoops!

I have lots of things planned for this week craft wise my biggest problem is making up my mind what to start first, so I end up wasting time faffing about doing nothing much whilst I decide, which is not at all productive lol.

First things first though I need to go to the Post office to send a birthday gift and I’m glad that it is bright and sunny here in Edinburgh this morning (despite yesterdays forecast of snow) as I’m soooooooo not a winter person.  I would love to be one of those people that embraces the great outdoors whatever the weather (My husband is)  it must make it so much easier to contemplate going out some winter days. I look outside see the weather in winter then wonder if its actually a feasible option for a human to hibernate lol.

I’ve been thinking a lot about doing stuff for Valentines day and wondering if we are still on this particular occasion all drawn to the hearts and flowers option card wise?  I think we may be  as trends seem to be quite favourable towards vintage/shabby chic styles more these days so perhaps good old fashioned romance wins through in the end, I’d like to think so.

Well on that note I am going to leave you for now as have to find that 45 minutes I lost earlier lol

Bye for now ~ Debbie x ~

“New Intentions for 2014”

Well what do you know we are already into 2014 and it would be very fair to say that I really neglected this blog last year but hey ho its never to late to change eh! 

This year (although I’m not a fan of  New Year resolutions) I am going to make an effort to post something at least once a week as last year I concentrated all my efforts on getting my business established on Facebook and it was worth it as so far so good and its picking up nicely now. If anyone fancies a peek please pop over to as that is where you will find all of “Bespoke Greetings” latest creations. 

I have expanded somewhat to include the decoration of frames and notebooks and am planning on also offering decorated boxes and various other bits and pieces although card making will continue to be my main occupation/love, as that is where I can be most creative.

I love it when someone contacts me and gives me a list of their specifications and then says do what you like with them (gives me free reign to explore more possibilities and to this day, 

true to my promise i have never repeated a card, every single one has been different in some way.

I am really looking forward to coming up with some elaborate creations for Valentines Day as that is an occasion where you can really push the boat out i reckon. 

Well i must go now as small people to feed etc but I’ll leave you with a couple of pics of some of my latest creations and as usual all feedback welcome.

Bye for now ~ Debbie x ~ 


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